1970 Porsche 917 Race Car on Track

I don’t often post car videos on here because writing about the cars is probably my favorite part of running this website. However, there are some special cases where I find that it is necessary to post a car video on the site, and this video is one of those special cases. Today, we have a video of the famous 1970 Porsche 917 Race Car starting up, warming up, and the doing some laps on the race track!

The Porsche 917 was developed in the late 60s as a successor to the 908 and 907 racing types. The car was going to be more powerful, sleeker, and much faster than its predecessors. Porsche set high goals for this car but crushed them all. The new car created a staggering 508 horsepower at an insane 8,300 rpm. Something that very few cars are able to do. The whole body was redesigned to create the perfect aerodynamic shape while still supplying enough downforce for blisteringly fast turns.

All of this power, weight-savings, and aerodynamic work is probably what lead to the Porsche 917 being one of the most famous racecars of all time. In June of 1970, the 917 bagged its first ever victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans race. After that, there was no stopping it. Winning race after race, the Porsche 917 secured its place in the history books as a complete and total racing legend. So, seeing it race around the track in this video is really quite a site!

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