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I have been playing guitar all my life and, as someone who understands what its like to be a beginner, I know that it can be hard when trying to start. Guitar can be extremely confusing but choosing the right guitar to start with should not be. In this article, we are going to talk about what I think is the best guitar for any beginner! Today, we are going to be talking about the Yamaha Pacifica 112 Electric Guitar!

Now, there are many things that you need when picking a starter guitar. You need it to be durable, and preferably good quality. You also want it to sound decent while not completely breaking the bank. I am happy to say that I have found the perfect guitar that fits all of those qualities! Now, let’s get into the article and talk about this beautiful Yamaha guitar!

The Yamaha Pacifica

The Yamaha Pacifica was chosen for this article due to a number of likeable traits that this guitar has. However, the first trait that you notice, and the first one that I would like to talk about, it the looks! Often when getting a cheaper guitar, you will end up with a guitar that looks like one of two things. The first is a knockoff of another guitar. For example, you may end up with a Strat knock-off that looks much more poorly made. Or, you may end up with a strange looking guitar that doesn’t really look like anything else.

However, the Pacifica is a well shaped guitar that has a simple and slick design. The design has Stratocaster design elements, but it does not look like a copy or like it is poorly made. At a glance, I would assume that this guitar is much more expensive than it actually is! The build quality on this guitar is fantastic, which is something super important for beginners. You are going to end up dropping it, bumping it, and scratching it. However, this guitar can handle the beating!

Finally, with two single-coil pickups and a Humbucker, this guitar sounds great. The PAC012 version has a Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard which looks just great against the solid color body! The Rosewood fingerboard will hold up well and the pickups on this guitar will create a good sound for such a cheap guitar! Now, speaking of cheap, let’s talk about the price of this guitar.

The Price

I should start by mentioning that the Pacifica is produced on a number of different trim levels. In fact, if you really like the way this guitar looks but plan to keep it for a lot longer, you can simply purchase a higher trim! Let’s start by looking at the starter model of this guitar though, which is the PAC012 trim level.

This guitar doesn’t look quite as nice as the highest level model, but for only $300.00, it is a good and sturdy guitar to start with. It has all the great features a beginner will need and it will be hard to find another guitar at this price that is as good as this one! Now, let’s talk about their mid-level trims that may be better if you plan to care for this guitar a little more.

Their mid-level trim for the Pacifica is the PAC311H. This guitar still shares the same look as its lower trim brother model, but has some nicer features to it. The guitar already looks a little nicer as it is given a nicer finish and uses finer wood. The styling on the pick-ups, pick guard, and knobs is also slightly better done. However, this guitar will run you a little more than $600. This is certainly a guitar for someone who has been playing a little longer and wants to up their game.

Finally, the Pacifica’s top level trim is the PAC612. This guitar is an extremely nice looking guitar with a perfect finish. This is a guitar for someone who has played for a while and knows how to care for a guitar like this. The PAC612 will cost you around $1,000, which still is not bad for such a good looking guitar. I certainly wish I could get one of these awesome instruments!


Overall, the Yamaha Pacifica has a lot of great trim levels for all different experience levels. However, if you are a beginner and looking for something to start out on, this is the perfect guitar for you. I would, of course, recommend starting with the lowest trim as you learn how to play and care for a guitar. If you follow the link provided, it will take you to the Yamaha Pacifica page where you can check out all the different levels and guitars that they offer under the Pacifica name: Yamaha Pacifica.

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