Black Keys to Release New Blues Cover Album

If you are a rock and roll fan, you will know that there have not been too many new rock and roll bands recently. However, the Black Keys are one of the few bands keeping rock and roll alive! They took a long break from recording new music, but now they are back!

They just announced that they will be releasing a new blues cover album called “Delta Kream”. The album is going to be filled with some awesome renditions of classic blues songs by the Black Keys. I personally can not wait for this album!

The Black Keys were originally very blues inspired. This album represents them returning to their roots. Over the past 10 years, they received a lot of commercial success and, due to that fact, they ended up making more radio friendly music.

However, when they started, they were making barebones, basement blues that had a real inspired and dirty sound. If you are a fan of their older, more bluesy material, then this new album will be the perfect album for you!

On top of announcing the album and releasing the album cover art, they have also released a track list for the album so we know what we are getting! The full track list for the album will be listed below, so i encourage you to go take a look at it!

The album is set to be released on May 14th, at which point it will be available on all streaming services as well as in stores. However, if you just can’t wait any longer, you will be able to pre-order the album on April 15th!

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“Delta Kream” Track List:
“Crawling Kingsnake” (John Lee Hooker)
“Louise” (Mississippi Fred McDowell)
“Poor Boy A Long Way From Home” (R. L. Burnside)
“Stay All Night” (Junior Kimbrough)
“Going Down South” (R. L. Burnside)
“Coal Black Mattie” (Ranie Burnette)
“Do the Romp” (Junior Kimbrough)
“Sad Days, Lonely Nights” (Junior Kimbrough)
“Walk with Me” (Junior Kimbrough)
“Mellow Peaches” (Big Joe Williams)
“Come on and Go with Me” (Junior Kimbrough)

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