Bring a Trailer: 1970 Fiat 500L


In the spirit of keeping things fun this week, today we are going to be talking about a 1970 Fiat 500L that is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer! This tiny car is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and is the perfect car for a weekend drive! Well, maybe not a drive on the highway though. So, let’s talk about this fun little car!

Fiat has been making the Fiat 500 for quite a while now. In fact, the original 500 was released in 1936 as an economy car for the city. Since then, they have perfected their formula, with the cars throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s being some of the best small cars that were ever produced! This car falls right in the middle of that range and features a lot of the best Fiat 500 parts! Now, let’s start off by talking about the looks and features of this car!

The Looks

Some people may not be fond of the way that the Fiat 500 looks. They say it is too small or lacks enough features. However, I would strongly disagree with those people and say that this is a beautiful car that is full of Italian character! It has perfectly styled features and almost human characteristics that really allow you to love the car! Now, the first thing that you will notice on this specific car is the overly vibrant choice of paint.

This blue is certainly going to turn heads where ever you drive this car! In fact, if you pulled up in this Fiat 500 next to a black Porsche, I would bet that more people would look at you! This blue may not be for everyone but I think that this eye-catching paint job is perfect for this little car. To add to its immaculate paint job, the car also has a great set of chrome bumpers and chrome wrapped headlights, which really adds to the ambiance around this car!

The car has the tiny Fiat windshield and the signature small wheels that were used on all Fiat 500s back in the day. One cool feature that this car has that some others don’t is a sunroof! Well, sort of. It actually has a piece of fabric that covers the hole that is the sunroof in case you would want to drive with the sunroof open. However, there is no actual glass sunroof there. Despite the lack of an actual window, I think that this is a pretty cool feature to have on such a small car.

The Engine

Now, as you can already guess, there is not all too much going on with this car in terms of power and engine specifications. It is certainly no sports car! But, it is not the most disappointing thing you will have ever heard. The car is equipped with a 500ci Inline-Twin engine, hence the Fiat 500 name. So, the engine creates enough power for the car but is about what you would expect.

However, this car does have something that you may not expect. Connected to the Inline-Twin engine is a four-speed gear box. For reference, some of the other much larger sports cars that we have talked about on this page had three-speed or four-speed transmissions. So, for this tiny car to have a four-speed transmission is quite impressive!

The Listing

I would not be surprised if this became my most viewed article! The Fiat 500 is great at drawing people in and, for whatever reason, people always seem to love this car. In the end though, how can you blame them? This is just such a fun car and it really takes the seriousness out of any situation! If you are as interested in this car as I am, you can go and check out the listing for the car by clicking the link here: Bring a Trailer.

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