Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing Live

Very recently I did a post about the song Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits. If you have read that article, then you will know that this is one of my favorite rock songs! So, I thought that it would be fitting to follow up that article with my favorite live version of the song! I love this version of the song for a number of reasons which I will talk about down below the video. First however, enjoy this awesome recording!

The first thing that is just so great about this live version is that the quality is near perfect. I mean, the video quality isn’t great but the sound quality is just amazing. It is so crisp! You can hear every instrument perfectly but it still has some live qualities. For example, you can still hear the audience cheering in the back. However, in many live recordings this takes away from the band’s playing but in this recording it simply adds to the ambience!

To add to those qualities, this version is also slightly extended. There are no added lyrics or anything but there are some extended solo parts that are just sick! At one specific point they slow down the music but then bring it back in a spectacular fashion. Man, I could listen to this recording all day, it’s just so good! I really hope that you guys enjoy this recording of Dire Straits performing Sultans of Swing as much as I do!

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