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Recently, we put out an article about how getting a project car can be an awesome experience and how any car guy should get a project car! We recently though have received some questions about how to choose the right project car. Well, in this article we are going to talk about how you can choose the perfect project car for you! This is a really simple topic and picking a project car should not be a difficult process but rather an enjoyable one! Now, let’s get into the article, starting off with how to pick the right model!

Choose the Model

Let’s start off with the fact that a project car is supposed to be a project that you enjoy working on. For that to happen, you are going to have to like the car that you are working on! I suggest a simple process to pick a car. The first thing that you are going to want to do is to right down all of the car models that you like and think are cool. Just write these down on a sheet of paper because this will make the whole project easier.

Now, go down the list and circle any car that would be within a reasonable budget range. For most, this will probably mean that the price of the car is less than six figures. However, this part will vary from person to person. I also would like to remind you that when thinking about budget, you also have to factor in the parts that you will need to purchase while working on this car.

Now, once you have your circled list you can cross out all the other. Now it is time to choose your favorite from the list of circled options. If you can’t choose, that’s okay as well, you can just move onto the next step. The next step in this process is the shopping step. This is the step where you go and try to find a project car that is worth purchasing.

Find the Car

If you couldn’t pick a specific one you wanted to look for, you can simply look through all the different ones you selected till you see a car that speaks to you! This is a process that worked well for me! I also would suggest that you look in specific places when looking for project cars. If you try to look on sites like or Autotrader, you won’t find anything that is in the range of being a project car. Instead, you have to look on other sites.

I mostly suggest going to auction sites to look for project cars. Auction site will usually sell old, beat-up, or crashed vehicles for pennies on the dollar. This means that you will probably be able to find the perfect project car and get it for a great price! After that, you just have to pay and figure out how you are going to transport the car!


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