Is Post Malone the New Classic?

Over the past years, Post Malone has gained considerable traction in the music industry. He is now one of the biggest artists of the 21st century and his reach seems to grow with every song. As he has continued to make music though, the type of music that he has made has started to change. In this article, we’re gonna talk about that and talk about what I mean when I say that Post Malone may be the new classic.

When Post Malone dropped his first album, Stoney, he was making mostly hip-hop based music. He wasn’t quite rapping, but most of his music fell into the hip-hop realm. You could hear a little of his country influence in a few songs but it was still mostly undetectable. However, with the release of Post Malone’s most recent album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, we have seen a significant change in the artist’s song writing.

Post Malone has shown two things in more recent years. Firstly, he has shown that he is extremely capable of writing well thought out and deeply emotional music. Music that isn’t just produced but it actually though about and written. In Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone showed what he is truly capable of and produced some great music. While it is still mostly hip-hop based, he also started to show his musical proficiency with instruments as well as with his vocals.

Previously, many of his songs were very machined and produced. They were made with synthesizers and samples. His new album is much different, though. It is made with real instruments and features many of Post Malone’s untouched vocals. I have no problem with hip-hop. In fact, when done right, I quite enjoy it. I do, however, have a problem with fake music that is often put together with cheap samples and auto-tune.

I don’t think that for Post Malone to become the new classic, he has to stray from hip-hop. I do, however, think that for him to reach this standing, he has to show his musical proficiency and demonstrate a true level of mastery for song writing. While I still think he has a some way to go, I think he is getting there.

Through quarantine, he has further shown his artistic ability by performing live-streamed concerts covering artists that inspired him in his early days. The most impressive of all of these concerts was the Nirvana cover concert that he performed with a band. Here, he showed his skill on the guitar as well as with his vocals and, in my opinion, it was a fantastic show. They played some of Nirvana’s popular tracks as well as some of their lesser known tracks. In a very Nirvana-style way though, they neglected to play ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

This concert, and the others, in my opinion has showed what Post Malone is capable of creating. I am truly excited for his next album as I think that it will be fantastic. I think that he is now capable of writing future-classics and, for the reasons stated here and above, I think Post Malone will be the new classic in 30 or 40 years, joining the likes of Aerosmith, Madonna, Prince, and, I can’t believe I am saying this, but Led Zeppelin.

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