Jimi Hendrix: Live In Maui 1970

As a fan of all things Jimi Hendrix, I love when I get the pleasure of being able to watch a live recording of Jimi Hendrix. However, it is even more satisfying when I somehow manage to find a colorized and remastered live version. In this article, that is exactly what I have for you. This is a fantastic recording of Jimi Hendrix and the audio has been remastered and the visuals have been colorized. Check out the video below!

In 1970, Jimi Hendrix had reached a level of popularity that most people would refer to as famous. However, in 1970, he performed on Maui to a small group of audience members. Hendrix never seemed to care much for the size of the crowd or the amount of fame, but rather, he always seemed fully and totally immersed in the music. It may have been this trait that made him so good! Whatever the reason, his music was fantastic and this recording shows that!

I have listened to this recording many times now and I still can’t get enough. It looks like it would have been an amazing event to be at. Listening to Jimi Hendrix perform while the ocean breeze runs through your hair. Now that’s a concert to tell you kids about! I am so jealous of those few who were able to say that they were there!

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