John Bonham Biography with Dave Grohl Foreword

Welcome back to 1969 Inc! I hope that you are all as excited for the new John Bonham biography as I am! Recently, we just got some new news that will make the biography even better! We have recently been informed by the publisher of the book about a big update!

The publishers of the book have recently stated that the book of the late and legendary Led Zeppelin drummer with come with a foreword from the famous drummer Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl has always been a vocal fan of John Bonham and we find it quite fitting that he have the opportunity to write a foreword for this book!

The book will be called ‘John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin’. The book is set to be 384 pages long and will run the course of John Bonham’s life all the way from his younger years to his untimely passing in 1980. It will also chronicle the rise of the rock and roll behemoth that was Led Zeppelin.

Unfortunately, as many rock fans know, Led Zeppelin was brought to a screeching halt when John Bonham died. The was filled with skilled member but they felt that the band would not be the same without Bonham and that there was no way that they could have continued without the late drummer. So, they decided to break up the band, which was extremely saddening for many rock and roll fans who had followed the band for many years.

This book should give us more of an insight into the life of the drummer and and the life of the band. Also, it will be very interesting to read the Dave Grohl foreword to see what he has to say about John Bonham. John Bonham single handedly changed drumming and the way that rock and roll sounds. After him, people only wanted to play like John Bonham.

The book is set to release September 7th of the current year. The publishers have said that the book will be available for purchase in book stores as well as online. There is also a pre-order option available that offers some special options. Check out the publishers website for more information on the book and the release.

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