Led Zeppelin: Achille’s Last Stand Live 1979

Really, another live Led Zeppelin recording? Well, yes and no. This one is a little special and that is why I have posted it on here. However, before we talk about what makes this recording a little special, I just want to mention how good the audio is for a true live recording. The video could be better but the audio is absolutely spectacular! It is so crisp and there is almost no audience noise in the background of the video! Check it out below!

In 1976, Led Zeppelin released the Presence album. It was a spectacular and emotional piece by the band that came after quite a lot of tragedy and hardship for them. Specifically, Plant had been in a rough car accident and the rest of the members of the band had had to leave England due to the rising taxes on high income individuals. To add to the pressure, they were also short on cash and needed to get an album out. The result from all of that was the Presence album.

I will talk more in depth about the actual album in another review. However, let’s talk about what makes this recording special. Since this album was so emotional and hit so close to home for the band, the songs were quite hard to perform. Due to this fact, only two of the songs off of the album were ever performed on stage. Achille’s Last Stand was one of the two songs that ended up making the final cut for the live shows. Here is one of the recordings of the band playing it from 1979!

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