Led Zeppelin: Madison Square Garden Live

I think almost everybody who is a rock and roll fan is a fan of Led Zeppelin. They are the gods of rock and roll and some of the greatest musicians of all time! So today, I have found a recording of Led Zeppelin performing a song live at Madison Square Garden! This is a great video and I know that you guys will absolutely love this live recording!

The recording is at Madison Square Garden and let me just say, this is a fantastic recording. It came from the YouTube channel Old Tapes and I think that it has been retouched by professionals. The concert was recorded in 1973 but the quality of the video is fantastic. The colors just pop and at some points in the video, it almost feels like you are watching an HD video!

To add to that, the sound quality if phenomenal. This is actually quite rare because of the date that it was recorded. This was recorded in 1973! Most recording from 1973 sound very crunchy and often have quite a lot of background fuzz that is almost impossible to get rid of. This one though seem to have been redone or re-engineered as it is great quality!

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