New David Bowie Album with Unreleased Songs

We have good news everybody! We are getting a new David Bowie album full of unreleased material from the David Bowie Vault! The new album will be called ‘The Width of a Circle’ and will feature a lot of yet unheard material by Bowie himself!

The new album is set to be released on May 28th, at which time it will be available for purchase online as well as for purchase in select stores and record shops. The new album has a 2-CD physical copy that you will be able to purchase.

The album features 21 unreleased recording by Bowie from 1970. This includes album tracks and non-album singles. It also has a BBC 1 concert session on there that Bowie played but never released on an album or as a recording.

To add to that, it also features some new remixes by a long time Bowie friend and collaborator, Tony Visconti. These tracks have been remixed by Visconti himself and have been tweaked for both sound quality and digital playback.

However, before you go, there is more! On top of the tracks that are being released on “The Width of a Circle”, another disc is being released. A picture disc version of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ is being released with a number of 2020 remix versions!

We have also been provided with the track list for the new albums. The track lists for both albums are listed below. As you can see, we are not kidding, the lineup here is pretty heavy. I for one an surprised that there is this much unreleased content of Bowie’s.

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David Bowie, ‘The Width of a Circle’ – Track Listing:

CD 1
The Sunday Show Introduced by John Peel 
1. “Amsterdam”
2. “God Knows I’m Good”
3. “Buzz The Fuzz”
4. “Karma Man”
5. “London Bye, Ta-Ta”
6. “An Occasional Dream”
7. “The Width Of A Circle”
8. “Janine
9. “Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud”
10. “Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed”
11. “Fill Your Heart”
12. “The Prettiest Star”
13. “Cygnet Committee”
14. “Memory Of A Free Festival”

CD 2
The Looking Glass Murders aka Pierrot in Turquoise
1. “When I Live My Dream”
2. “Columbine”
3. “The Mirror”
4. “Threepenny Pierrot”
5. “When I Live My Dream” (Reprise)

1. “The Prettiest Star” (Alternative Mix)
2. “London Bye, Ta-Ta”
3. “London Bye, Ta-Ta” (1970 Stereo Mix)
4. “Memory Of A Free Festival” (Single Version Part 1)
5. “Memory Of A Free Festival” (Single Version Part 2)
6. “Holy Holy”

Sounds of the ’70s: Andy Ferris Show
1. “Waiting For The Man”
2. “The Width Of A Circle”
3. “The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud”
4. “The Supermen (Bowie At The Beeb vinyl only)”

2020 Mixes
1. “The Prettiest Star” (2020 Mix)
2. “London Bye, Ta-Ta” (2020 Mix)
3. “Memory Of A Free Festival” (Single Version – 2020 Mix)
4. “All The Madmen” (Single Edit 2020 Mix)
5. “Holy Holy” (2020 Mix)

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