Nirvana: Lithium Live 1992

Welcome back everybody! In today’s article, I found a live recording of Lithium performed by Nirvana in 1992. This is not necessarily a rare or hard-to-find recording, I just thought that it was pretty cool. The video quality is good and the sound quality is also pretty good. Overall, it is an easy listening and viewing video that I thought I would bring to the site to share with everyone.

For those that are unaware, Nirvana was the soul of the grunge movement and dominated most of the 90s music culture. They were practically unmatched in popularity until 1994, when the band split due to the untimely death of the lead guitarist and singer, Kurt Cobain. Cobain was the creative genius of the band and created some fantastic music.

This recording is so great because it really shows what Nirvana was like. My personal favorite part though is the stage performing who spends the entirety of the song turning the stage into his personal mosh pit. Lithium is one of their most popular songs, and this is a really great performance of that song! I hope that you all enjoy this video as much as I did!

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