The New Honda Civic

Now, you may be reading that title and thinking, “I thought this was a page for classic cars?” Well, it still is a classic cars page. However, I would like to use this article today to talk about a rather sad development in the car world. So, as you now know, the new Honda Civic is coming out soon. the models and specifications were all just recently released and car fans just received some rather bad news.

When Honda first offered the Civic, they offered it as a cheap but reliable car. It came in two sizes, a coupe and a sedan. Now, both models were wildly successful, which was great for the car and the company. The sedan offered the space necessary for people who were generally older and the coupe offered something for the young drivers.

Now, let’s get into the bad news. The bad news here is that they are no longer going to be making the coupe version of the Honda Civic. When they announced the 2022 Honda Civic, there was unfortunatly no announcement for a coupe version, but instead only for different versions of the sedan. This is sad for a number of reasons but the main one is the fact that, for many people, the Honda Civic Coupe was a great car.

It was great for the people who just learned to drive and wanted something small and fun. It was great for people who needed something cheap. It was great for people who wanted to mod the shit out of their car. It was great for people who just wanted to have some fun with their car. This car was great for a lot of people.

Personally, I have driven a few Honda Civic coupes and they are just so much fun. If I owned one, I would love that car and would be extremely sad to see them go. I mean, I don’t even own one and I am still sad to see them go. The Honda Civic coupe was a era defining car that changed the way a lot of us look at cars. I think that Honda is making a big mistake taking away this awesome car.

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