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Everyone wants to be rich! However, a lucky few get to become rich by doing what they love! One great example of this is the Rockstars that made it big! They achieved wealth and fame like no other and will forever be in the history books! In today’s article, we are going to look at the top 5 wealthiest rock and roll bands to ever play! 

As a rock and roll fan, you will surely know all the bands on this list. However, the amount that they have been able to accumulate over the years from their music may shock you! These numbers are extremely high which also makes some of these artists some of the richest people in the world! It is really amazing what these bands have been able to achieve but, let’s stop talking and get into the list of the top 5 richest bands!

#5 – AC/DC

AC/DC was formed in the early 1970s by two Australian brothers by the names of Malcolm and Angus Young. They started in music pretty early but in 1973 they recruited a couple of other guys and formed AC/DC. Over the years, they have released countless hit albums including albums like “Highway to Hell” and “Back in Black”.

The band achieved great commercial success in their early years which allowed to amass a large collective wealth. Unfortunately, their main singer passed away in 1980 and had to be replaced by a new lead singer. As of 2021 though, the band has a collective net worth almost $380 million. This is largely due to the amount of albums they sold and the fact that they have been performing concerts for the last 50 years.

#4 – The Eagles

The Eagles are a very well known American band that started in the 60s. They had a signature country rock style that helped them become and instant hit with fans all over the country! They had beautiful melodies and harmonies and great lyrics that made many of the songs off of their first album huge radio hits. After a few albums though, Joe Walsh joined the band as a new guitarist and switched things up a bit.

In their earlier years they made hits like “Take it Easy” and “Witchy Woman”. After Joe Walsh arrived and changed up the style, they released hits like “Desperado” and the all-time hit “Hotel California”. The Eagles have an approximate net worth of roughly $800 million¬† which has mainly been due to their high record sales and streaming numbers over the past 50 years.¬†

#3 – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is easily the biggest prog rock band to exist. To add to this, they are one of the most recognizable names in the entire music industry and have one of the highest selling albums of all time. They also have released some of the most famous rock and roll songs to ever be recorded like the songs “Money”, “Time”, and “Comfortably Numb”.

While the band is unfortunately split up now, they were extremely successful in their earlier years and the label still reports that the living members make millions a year off of the royalties and music sales. It is estimates that the band has a collective net worth of more than $850 million. This makes them the third richest band in the world and some of the richest musicians.

#2 – Led Zeppelin

The second richest band and arguably the most known name in rock and roll is the band Led Zeppelin. With countless hits like “Stairway to Heaven”, “Immigrant Song”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Kasmir”, and so many more classic rock songs. Led Zeppelin has solidified their name in the rock and roll history as absolute legends. They lived the dream all while making some of the greatest rock and roll music to ever be written.

They really had a style that can not be replicated and this is one of the reasons why their music quickly became so popular. They also took what their predecessors had done and built on it which formed what rock and roll would sound like for the next 50 years. This musical excellence brought them an estimated $1 Billion for their efforts. It has been said that they have made almost $60 million just on the song “Stairway to Heaven” alone.

#1 – The Beatles

As many can understand, the number one spot on this list is taken by The Beatles. They are Arguably the first real rock and roll band and one of the most prolific music groups around. They have multiple albums that went platinum many times and hits like “Blackbird”, “Let It Be”, “Yellow Submarines”, and many more. Their music is certainly some of the best and almost all of their songs are now considered to be classics!

Their music has never gone out of style though and people still listen to it today. However, due to their extremely high, record breaking record sales, they have been able to achieve a net worth of a whopping $1.5 Billion. Now, that is just the amount that the band has made off of the band’s music. Some of the members of the Beatles are richer due to their solo careers. However, the $1.5 Billion number is an estimate of what they have made from the music released under the Beatles band name!

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