Toto has Moved Tour Dates Forward to 2022

We have recently gotten news that the band Toto has just decided to push all of their tour dates forward to 2022. The band has said that fourteen of the current show dates are immediately effected by this new change.

However, they will also be adding tour dates. These added tour dates will allow the band to dig deeper into Toto’s extensive catalog of music so that they can play more of their tracks.

The band has not yet released the new dates for their ‘Dogz of Oz’ tour but said that they will be rescheduled soon and that we will then be able to access the new dates. These are all changes for the band’s tour of Europe.

The dates were of course pushed back due to Coronavirus restrictions and for the safety of the band members. Toto is one of many bands with planned tours of Europe that has pushed back dates due to lingering Covid restrictions and safety issues.

If you need updates on the new dates, check Toto’s website for more information. They will have all of the rescheduled dates and locations as well as the added dates and locations. You will also be able to order tickets for the new concert dates soon on their website as well as on ticket services like ticket master.

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