We have a New Website in the Family!

As many of you may know, 1969 Inc started as a fun blog where I simply wrote about my passion for old cars and rock and roll. However, over time it has become more than that and it has allowed me to expand the family of websites! 1969 Inc is all about vintage stuff, vintage music, cars, and movies! Now, there is a new website that is joining the family!

This new website is called Infinity Aerospace. While I intend for Infinity Aerospace to be more than just a blogging website, that is what it is for now. It is a website where I will post all about Airplanes, Drones, and future aviation technology! I know that many of you may have no interest in that as you are probably rock and roll or vintage car entuisiests. However, if you are into airplanes as well, it would be a big help if you could check out the new site!

The new website design has just been finished and you can now check the site out! If you want to go read the website, click here to do so: Infinity Aerospace. If airplanes are not your thing, that’s okay too! We have lots more articles coming soon on 1969 Inc! So, make sure to stick around here for more content!

We have a lot of new Bring a Trailer Articles coming soon as well as new reports on all the latest Rock and Roll news! Remember to subscribe to the 1969 Inc News Letter to get new updates once weekly on all of the best news. Once again, thank you all for reading and remember to check back for more content soon!

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