Why Black and White Films are Better!


Having always been a fan of things that are vintage, I decided recently to start giving black and white movie a try and it was totally worth it! In this article, I want to talk about why Black and White films are so good and why you should also watch them!

Most people think that black and white films will be slow, boring, or hard to watch. However, on most occasions, this is not the case at all! Black and white movies have a lot to offer. They tell good stories and allow us a glimpse into the past. So, let’s talk about why I think black and white movies are so great!

Why They are Great!

There are two main reasons why black and white movies are so great. The first reason has to do with their stories. Think about it like this, since black and white movies don’t have the ability to wow us with overarching cinematics, they try to shock us or entertain us with the story instead. This has lead to some pretty amazing stories having been created in black and white movie.

In today’s movie, if a director wants to shock you or surprise you, they may put in a plot twist or, they may simply talk to the graphics guys and have them create a crazy explosion or a cinematic view. This is not a bad thing, but it does mean that the focus on the story can often be forgotten and can therefore lead to poor story writing.

Now, I am not saying that all of the movies in color that are released have bad stories. Obviously, there are many with really great stories. However, in my opinion, there are a higher number of black and white movies with better stories. They were really working with the barebones of camera technology to try to tell these stories, and because of that, the stories had to do the talking!

The next reason why I think that black and white movies are so great is because it allows us to look back in history. Most real color movies were made recently enough to the point where when you watch them, you don’t really feel as though you are actually looking at history. However, with black and white movies, this is very different.

Most black and white movies were made at the beginning of the century when cars were different, planes were just getting started, and modern technology was basically non-existent. Watching these types of movies can show you what life was like a hundred years ago. It really gives us a little glimpse into the world in 1920, 1930, 1940, and well, you get the point! Watching these movies can be extremely cool because the more you watch, the more you start to realize the little things that tell us what life was like back then.


I hope that my reasons were compelling enough for you to go watch some black and white movies! A few that I suggest are ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, ‘Casa Blanca’, and ‘Some Like it Hot’. Let me know what movies you decided to watch by messaging me about them on Instagram! You can find me on Instagram at @1969_inc!

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