Why You Should Listen to Greta Van Fleet

If you are reading this blog, I am going to go ahead and assume that you are a classic rock enthusiast, or at least someone who loves old rock and roll. Now, if you are a fan of classic rock then you will understand the feelings that all of us feel. The saddening feeling that the age of rock and roll has come to an end. However, I have good news! No, John Bonham has not come back from the dead to reunite Led Zeppelin but, we do have a new Rock and Roll album.

If you have not heard of them yet, Greta Van Fleet is a new band that is, to put it simply, bringing back Rock and Roll! They have recently released a new album, ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’, that I suggest you listen to immediately! Now, let’s talk about the band and what I mean when I say that they are bringing back Rock and Roll.

The band Greta Van Fleet was formed in 2012 by three brothers from Michigan and their friend. They had grown up listening to the classic rock albums and decided that they wanted to form a rock band. And so, that’s exactly what they did. They began learning to play the instruments and writing music based off their inspiration from the past. They listened to all the great bands and artists and tried to model their sound after the greats.

They have released two previous albums, though their new one is easily the most well put together and best sounding one. However, if you have not yet heard them, I suggest you take some time and go an listen to their original stuff. It really is some great Rock and Roll! Their new album though falls more into the range of a concept album. It really seems as though they had a great and overarching idea that they were able to really put together on this album.

I am not the first to say that, yes, they do sound like Led Zeppelin in a way, and much more so in their earlier albums. However, to that I will say two things. The first is that in this new album, they don’t sound so much like Led Zeppelin as they do Greta Van Fleet! Do they still sound a little like Zeppelin? Yes! But so do all bands in one way or another, that is why Led Zeppelin has such a lofty reputation. However, I think that these guys have been able to find their own sound. When I listen to them I no longer hear a major Zeppelin inspiration but rather a new sound. I hear the sound of Greta Van Fleet with their high flying vocals and guitar melodies and crashing drums.

I hear true Rock and Roll begin born again! They have concert hall vocals with cascading guitar solos that will give even the most weathered rock listeners shivers. To add to that, their new album creates a sort of ambience that makes you feel surrounded by and part of the album as you listen all the way through. I, for one, am happy to see that these guys have been able to pick up the torch where the old greats left off.

Now, I have also heard the argument that since there are still bands like Aerosmith and AC/DC playing, Rock and Roll isn’t dead. However, that is just not true. Sure, you can go and see those bands or listen to their most recent albums but they are all dull and uninspired. Greta Van Fleet brings a newer and younger perspective that feels truly inspired as opposed to the older bands trying to squeeze out another album.

I really think that Greta Van Fleet will be able to bring back at least some piece of the Rock and Roll experience. They have the look, the feel, and most importantly the sound to do so. I hope that others are able to follow in their footsteps so that we may once again be able to listen to some real Rock and Roll. However, for now, I am happy with what we got. This new album is really a masterpiece and I can’t wait to be able to see them in concert!

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