Why You Should Start a Project Car!


Today, as you may have guessed by the title, we are going to be talking about project cars and specifically, we are going to be talking about why you should get one! I should mention that I am not selling anything or trying to sell anything by this article, I am simply passing on advice that may help others!

Before we get into why you should own a Project car, we first should talk about what a project car is. There are many people that may have heard the term but may still not know what it is, and some of you may have never heard the term before. No matter what the case is, you can certainly still get one! First, we will simply need to explain what a project car is!

What is a Project Car?

A project car is pretty simply to understand as the whole thing is really in the name. The car itself is a project, hence the project car name. This usually means that it was a car that was beat up, old and dingy, or otherwise in poor condition when you acquired it and your goal not it to turn it into a drivable and enjoyable car.

Project cars are usually muscle cars or old sports cars that have been beaten up or left to rot by their previous owners. This means that you can usually get them for much, much lower than the standard market price. Some old sports cars will run you more than $100,000 but, if you find one that is in poor condition, you can sometimes get it for cents on the dollar!

The cars don’t always have to be in awful condition to be a project car though, they could simply have a few things off or some crappy paint. That would still make that car a project car as it is a car that you are going to work on and put time into! So not, let’s move onto why you should get a project car!

Why Should You Get One?

There are a few main reasons to get a project car, but I am going to start with the one that I think is the best reason. The best reason to get a project car is because of the joy it can bring and the connection that it can create between car and driver. I know that it sounds a little cheesy but let me explain that point a little further.

When you go and buy a car, you don’t have anyway of really getting to know the car that you bought. Of course, if you drive it for many years in a row, you will really start to learn about the car and build a connection. An alternative is to get a project car. You build your bond with the car as you work on it and you become much closer to the car as the project is coming together. Once you finally get to drive the car, it feels like you have been driving it for your whole life!

This is probably the best reason in my opinion. The closer you are with your car, the more fun you will have driving it and the more memorable experiences you will have with the car! The next reason to get one is that it provides an escape. For many people, working on their very own project car can be a total escape from the stresses of everyday life!

Working on a project car allows you to focus on the project and not on the things that are going on in life. It allows you to have an hour or two each night to work on something that you really enjoy! The final reason to get a project car is because it can help you learn a lot of skills.

Having worked on my own project car before, I can attest to the fact that it certainly helps you gain some useful skills in your life! You can learn mechanical engineering and get a better understanding of how cars really work by getting hands on experience. A project like this will also teach you quite a bit of patience as things don’t usually work the first time. Finally, it also will teach you to take pride in your work. As you build a connection with the car, you start to become more emotionally attached to the project and how it is turning out.


Overall, I think that everyone should have a project car. I guess by everyone though I mostly mean petrol heads and car lovers but I assume that that is mostly the audience that is reading my blog anyway. There are lots of different kinds of project cars that you can get if you just spend a bit of time looking too!

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