Why You Should Watch “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”

Welcome to another 1969 Article everybody! I have recently watched the movie ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest’, an all-time classic starring Jack Nicholson! This is not going to be a full review or anything like that. Instead, I just want to talk about why I think it is a good movie that everyone should watch!

The first thing that is really great about this movie is the actors. I have give props to Jack Nicholson because he is just such a good actor. He plays the part absolutely perfectly, as he does many others, and without him, the movie truly would not be the same. To add to that, the rest of that cast also does a great job with their roles which really makes the movie feel well put together and well done on all accounts.

The movie has one of the best stories of all time in my opinion. It thoroughly sucks you in and spits you right back at out the end of the movie. You will experience enough emotion during the movie for a lifetime and then some. To add to that, the movie will have you thinking about the ending for the next week!

Let me be a little more specific though starting with the characters. The characters in the movie are written with so much depth and complex personality that instead of just ‘loving’ or ‘hating’ them, you start to feel like you actually know them in your life. You get to know them so well that they start to become real!

This adds to the effect of the movie when combined with the story. You follow the main character in this movie as he is accepted to a psych ward. You follow him through his journey at the mental institution as he gets to know all of the others there and starts to learn more and more about them. You get to watch the relations that the characters build form in a beautiful way.

Then, nearing the end of the movie, the story starts to pick up pace. I will not spoil anything in this article but you are left wondering what is going to happen next on many accounts. You are never quite sure what is going to happen and this always keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I really enjoyed this movie and I would suggest to everyone that is reading my blog to watch it. It is certainly worth your time to spend a night watching this movie! If you do watch, send me a message on Instagram and let me know what you thought about the movie! You can find me on Instagram at @1969_inc.

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